Build Your Brand Intensive


Build Your Brand Intensive


If you haven't heard of Galentine's Day, it's a reference to the sitcom "Parks and Recreation" -- and, like most things related to Amy Poehler, it is awesome.

Get an enjoyable, jargon-free session with a pro that leaves you clear-eyed and energized about how to strengthen your brand using your website, social media and email.

After we meet, I'll send you a prioritized list of the steps you should take in order to translate our conversation into action, organized by the things you should do in the next three months, the next six months, and over the course of the next year. 

So, to recap, you get:

  • Clarity on how to think about building your brand
  • A prioritized task list that takes you through the end of the year
  • An enjoyable and productive working session with a pro about whom a client once said, "I MOTHERFREAKING WORSHIP YOU!" 
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I bring to the table over 15 years of experience helping major organizations build their brands online, from PBS to TED and the George Lucas Educational Foundation. This working session is my chance to share everything I've learned with fellow women business owners in a highly customized, FUN way.

Where do we meet? If you live in the DC area, we'll meet in person, at the location of your choice. Your office is fine, if most convenient, but I will say that getting out of your your typical day-to-day environment can boost energy and focus. I am happy to recommend a good coffeehouse or the like, and in the spirit of Galentine's Day, I would LOVE to meet at a diner with wifi and buy you a plate of waffles :). 

If you're outside of DC, let's meet by Skype/Facetime/Google Hangout. Phone is also ok, and I understand the urge to avoid videoconferencing (it means you have to think about what you look like, right??), but I do think we'll get into a better kind of flow if we can see each other.

Sessions last three hours.

Tell me about the cost. These sessions are usually $599, and I am offering them to you, my fellow woman business owner, for $349, valid for all purchases made in February 2016 (in honor of Galentine's Day). This represents a more than 50 percent discount

Hm, I'm not sure I'm ready to spend that. Look, the Internet is filthy with free e-books, webinars and articles, and with e-courses available for $100 or less. If you think those resources can help you make enough progress, then clearly, try that first. I mean it. Remember, I'm a business owner, too, and I'm certainly always looking for reasons NOT to have to pay someone -- and there is a lot of good information available for free on many topics.

...That said, there is also a lot of really bad information out there, and it's hard to separate good from bad -- it's time-consuming, and when something isn't your area of expertise, it's hard sometimes to know which sources to trust. There is also an AWFUL lot of jargon out there, enough to make your head spin, instead of making you feel like, "Ohhhhh, now I get it." 

As a business owner myself, as much as I want to avoid spending money whenever possible, I also believe in paying for expertise. When I want good headshots, I hire a photographer, rather than taking a selfie on my iPhone. 

So if you've been trying to go it alone for a while now, and you aren't seeing results... then, in the overall scheme of things, $349 is really a very small investment, considering the highly personalized attention and in-depth knowledge you'll be getting in exchange.

You don't have to decide today: This offer is good through the end of the month. And if you have any questions, just let me know. When you're ready, I will be thrilled to work with you. 

Please share this offer with other women business owners you know!