Improv for Creative Collaboration Workshop


Improv for Creative Collaboration Workshop

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Improv is all about collaborating efficiently to make something out of nothing – a skill that’s essential for creative teams operating offstage, as well.

In many workplaces, teams must work with competing priorities, high expectations, and limited resources to create high-impact work. To succeed, they not only need to do excellent work as individuals, but also they need to work together, as well as with stakeholders in other departments and colleagues at partner companies.

This is a lot to navigate, and effective collaboration can often be the first thing to go by the wayside. When team members become overwhelmed, there’s less fresh thinking and less teamwork, and the team’s collective creative potential becomes diminished. The quality of the work can begin to suffer, along with morale. 

Improv can help. This workshop will get people's creative gears turning and provide concrete tools and inspiration to help them collaborate in new and improved ways. That’s a sound investment for any team.

What You'll Get

  • A 90-minute workshop conducted by SXSW audience favorites (and married couple) Amanda and Jordan Hirsch. See the About the Trainers section below for more about our backgrounds.
  • Targeted improv exercises/games followed by discussion about how the improv principles that each exercise teaches apply to your team’s work.
  • All team members participate in the exercises (no one gets to “just watch”)
  • A handout with information about where people can learn more about improv and how it relates to creative, collaborative work

About The Trainers

Jordan and I are digital strategists who were inspired by our careers moonlighting as improv comedians to begin teaching workshops that apply the concepts of improv comedy to life and work. Voted SXSW audience favorites, we have spoken at the festival on three separate occasions, and have also led our signature workshops for a range of clients including advertising agencies, news organizations and nonprofits.

More about Amanda
More about Jordan

Once you book your workshop, we'll contact you within 24 hours to schedule the workshop and to gather some information about your team so we can customize the workshop experience.