I provide a range of services to help you strengthen your content and communicate more effectively online — from writing and editing to messaging, editorial strategy and content project management. Get the scoop below, or just learn about some specific projects I've worked on.


I put things into words the things that you're struggling to express. I write website copy, articles, blog posts, social media messages — the whole shebang. Or just one part of the shebang. However much shebang you like. 


I take the things you or your staff members write and make them sound polished and punchy and just better. And I align them to your core messaging. Your 3,000-word blog post is now a 500-word blog post people will actually read and share. Your About page loses the jargon and says what you do in clear and compelling way. 


Your homepage says one thing, your About page another. And then there are all of your social media profiles. I work with you to distill your core message and make sure you express it in powerful and consistent ways.

Editorial strategy

You know your message, but how do you translate it into a steady flow of content that people actually want to read and share? I create the editorial calendar for your blog, website, newsletter or all of the above, and get your editorial processes up and running, from recruiting and managing freelance writers, to establishing clear internal quality control processes. 

Content project management

So many stakeholders, so little time. I take the helm and bring order to the chaos. I build trust and rapport. I design processes that play to the strengths of the people involved. I'm not afraid to say "no" when need be. And I ensure the content that gets produced is on-message, on-strategy, and something everyone can be proud of.

What can I help you with today?