"Ideal partner."

"Outstanding strategist and writer."


These are just some of the nice things that my wonderful clients have to say about me (that last one's my personal favorite). Read on for more.

Amanda merits the strongest possible consideration by potential clients. She is an outstanding strategist, writer, collaborator and manager.
— Cindy Johanson, Executive Director, George Lucas Educational Foundation
I have trusted Amanda to help me tell my story online — something that’s scary for many of us, myself included, and that Amanda has made comfortable, resulting in a website and social media presence that truly reflect who I am and what I care about most. I highly value her as a strategic advisor and editor and appreciate her warmth and professionalism. If you have a story that needs telling online, I highly recommend considering Amanda as your partner.
— Pat Mitchell, Chair, Sundance Institute and former CEO of the Paley Center for Media and PBS
There aren’t enough smart people who know how to write and how to make you laugh. Or maybe it’s just that there are so few who are as good at what they do as Amanda.
— Alison Byrne Fields, Founder/President, Aggregate
I value Amanda’s strategic insights on creating compelling content. With her on our team (for TED Weekends) we were able to grow traffic for the program while showcasing our content in strategic and meaningful ways. In addition to her strategic leadership and ability to get things done, Amanda is a terrific writer. I highly recommend working with her.
— Deron Triff, Head of Media Partnerships, Licensing and Format Innovation, TED
One of the things I like most about working with Amanda is that Amanda is completely present in a conversation — she’s got her thinking cap on and it’s a creative and focused one. She owns and embodies her role to support the client in getting to the best place and balances well pushing back and offering contrary opinions or another way of looking at things with letting go of a good idea or direction if the client does not see value in going there. All suggestions, critiques, new ideas are shared respectfully and with the ultimate goal of getting to a place where the client is both comfortable and achieves goals. Amanda is a real thought partner at all levels of a project — she can facilitate a brainstorm or fully participate in one and is adept at pivoting between those roles. Even from her view from the outside, she often enlightens the approach we take on the inside — both by her questioning to understand our goals and through her advice and the content she produces. Amanda is flexible with tenacity, if that makes sense. She has strong ideas, she takes in new information easily, she listens with a goal of actually understanding, and she’ll switch her strategy and creative thinking to incorporate new information or direction quickly. She cares about the work she’s doing and it’s evident in her style and in what she produces. Plus, there’s no pretense — she’s fun, interested and interesting, and ready to get things done.
— Jody Struve, Communications Strategist, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
 Good things consulting founder/president amanda hirsch speaking at ignite gotham

Good things consulting founder/president amanda hirsch speaking at ignite gotham

Amanda is smart. She is also a great collaborator, a very sharp editor...and I believe Amanda’s recommendations were pivotal to our success. I would hire her again in a heartbeat.
— Tim Songer, President, Interactive Knowledge
Amanda is a pleasure to work with. She is highly creative, and was able to quickly grasp our needs as an organization, synthesizing input from diverse internal stakeholders...I would highly recommend working with Amanda.
— Christy Carpenter, CEO, Winthrop Rockefeller Institute
SO glad I hired Amanda for a consultation — such a helpful infusion of ideas moving forward.
— Catrin Cooper, independent filmmaker
I found Amanda to be an ideal partner in laying the groundwork for the site’s social media agenda. She is an enthusiastic and clear communicator with deep digital knowledge and a wonderful work ethic. The guidelines and precise instruction she provided to team members about social media will, no doubt, prove invaluable to the enterprise’s ongoing success.
— Donna Sapolin, Vice President, Editorial Director & General Manager, Next Avenue
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