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My client pat mitchell introducing hillary clinton at ted women (photo courtesy of ted)

My client pat mitchell introducing hillary clinton at ted women (photo courtesy of ted)

"I have trusted Amanda to help me tell my story online — something that’s scary for many of us, myself included, and that Amanda has made comfortable...I highly value her as a strategic advisor and editor."

- Pat Mitchell, Sundance board chair, first female president of PBS


Express yourself powerfully

You're too busy to write articles for LinkedIn or Forbes. Or maybe you just hate to write, or aren't sure what to say. Together, we'll figure it out, and I'll make it easy. I'll also help you write social media messages, speeches, presentations, emails... you name it. Let me help you express yourself beautifully and prolifically. 

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master social media

You know you're supposed to be on Twitter, but who has time? You know your LinkedIn profile could be better, but what would make it really stand out? I'll help you figure out which social networks are worth your time and how to maximize your presence there, and will do all the heavy lifting.


achieve your goals

Maybe you want more speaking gigs, a book deal, or to promote an organization whose board you serve on. Whatever your objective, unleash me on your behalf. For example, I'll craft a thoughtful email for you to send to a conference organizer or editor sharing your latest relevant blog post. I'll schedule tweets before and after a talk you're giving using the appropriate hashtags to increase the visibility of your participation. From now on, every step you take in service of a career or personal goal will now get a boost from a strategist working behind the scenes to increase its impact.